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Goal & Mision

T I E N S goal and mision is to be committed to health, faith, hope, success and fortune to mankind through an all-around healthcare for all individuals.


"Shi" means lion. Over the centuries the city of Cangzhou has been famous for its ancient Iron sculpture of a lion, which has become a symbol of the city and has been given the nickname of  "Lion City". Mr. Li Jinyuan, Tiens Group President and Founder, reminded of the Iron lion of his hometown, chose the word "lion",which also connotates the awake lion, the flying lion etc.

In 1992, Mr Li Jinyuan came to Tianjin to start his business. "Tien" means heaven, which is associated with heaven's will, Most favorable geographical position and popular support. Hence the company was named Tien (Heaven Lion).
Today we are know worldwide as "Tiens". The lion represent Mr. Li Jinyuan's fond memories of his hometown. The wings suggest T i e n s Group's soaring aspiration and youthful vigor.

Our business philosophy is to contribute to society by restoring health amongst mankind. Thus our corporate
culture consistently educates our shareholders, business partners, Consultants and staff members in earnestly
dedicating oneself to be bringing to mankind, health, confidence, hope, Success and wealth with the central goal of "serving society" by restoring health of mankind.
Hence, our corporate slogan:"Share together Let's together".   


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